Know Your Personality With These 5 Types of Interior Design!

If you often visit relatives, friends and office colleagues. Surely you will see various design differences presented by each homeowner. Every house is unique, because the house is filled with humans with various personalities. Even in one complex that you live in will have different interior design tastes. The first thing you will see when visiting is the theme of the furniture they choose. Choosing the right furniture is closely related to designing your home. The selection of this furniture will be adjusted to the theme taken by the homeowner. Try to mention what kinds of home interior design themes do you know? If you are confused, reading this article is the right step for you.

This article summarizes five interior designs and various kinds of Indonesia furniture that can beautify your home. However, did you know that the interior design and furniture that you choose can also determine your personality? Here’s your personality based on the interior design you choose.

Minimalist design: Regular

Minimalist design is one of the design styles that are currently in great demand. A distinctive feature of minimalist design is simplicity in terms of choosing furniture to ornaments in the room. Minimalist design produces a simple impression so as to produce a conducive and calm home atmosphere. In choosing furniture, minimalist design tends to avoid using many motifs or patterns. For room color selection tends to choose soft color tones. Minimalist interior design depicts someone with an orderly, introverted, pragmati and perfectionist personality. This type of homeowner tends to want all the items that are well organized and neat, so that it can more easily find the items needed.

Scandinavian Design: Friendly

Homeowners with Scandinavian designs will always prioritize comfort factors in every interior. So that the room will be very suitable and comfortable to use to gather with friends and family. In creating an atmosphere of Scandinavian design, the selection of neutral and pastel colors is the most important thing. As a characteristic of this design, the choice of wood material furniture is the right choice. Because this design reflects homeowners who have a friendly personality, high social spirit, extroverts and environmentalists.

Pop Art Design: Artistic

For those of you who have eccentric, unique personalities, love freedom, love art and a dynamic person, then you are compatible with Pop Art design. The theme taken from the pop art design is freedom of expression and the courage to experiment in designing a house. In choosing the color of the interior of the house is also not half-hearted, the use of bright colors and tend to hit and run actually gives a unique impression. Here you are free to choose the color of furniture, to add to the feel of your pop art house more attractive, you can choose furniture with a unique design.

Shabby Chic design: Anggun

In the beginning, the design of shabby chic developed in the United Kingdom and eventually spread to Indonesia. Shabby chic design is very close to the touch of pastel colors and the presence of floral motifs. This is what drives homeowners to have a feminine, elegant and romantic personality. In addition to floral and pastel colors, this design concept uses antique and vintage Victorian furniture. The old furniture, then will be re-furnished and given a touch of new paint colors like Tosca green. Then given a layer of soft colored cloth. So do not be surprised if the design of this house closely with women.

Industrialist Design: Firm

Those are some of the home interior style designs that you can use as references. Both from the theme, choosing the color of the room to the furniture used. Apart from this, make your home as comfortable as possible. Because your home is where you rest after a hard day of activities. To create a comfortable atmosphere, choose a home design based on your personality.

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