BLACKPINK to Make Their Way Across Borders for Western Debut in the Year of 2019

International success is not something strange from Korean entertainment industry. Its development has far long to reach every place across the globe. Among the groups that leading the way, there is one called BLACKPINK. We suppose you must have been familiar with this group, right? Kmazing has this news about them making their western debut this year. Don’t you want to know more about them? If so, let’s continue this further below so you know more of this promising girl group of Korea. Let’s dig further of their western debut too and you know what will be coming from them this year.

What to Expect from BLACKPINK’s Debut

What do you know about k-pop group? Yes, they are the four-piece girl group consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. Korean girl groups are not to be taken lightly. They are just as wonderful as the boys. In 2019, they plan on hitting the western market with their “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du”. After all, they have signed to Interscope Records and they are aiming to make their moves outside the borders. Speaking about determination, you can expect no less from Korean entertainment industry. They do make confident moves every year.

Since western market is their aim, you might very well expect English songs from the group. With their beautiful voice, these k-pop girls won’t disappoint you for sure. There is possibility for UK tour too. With their epic collaboration “Kiss and Make Up” hitting UK Top 40, you know they are more than promising enough to bring everything you can expect from them in this western debut they are aiming for in 2019. Kmazing has this covered here because how praise worthy they are to look forward from this year’s entertainment.

Description: Kmazing has BLACKPINK highlighted among the current K-news with their western debut. They hit the UK Top 40 so you can expect more from them.

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